GlaxoSmithKline Sports and Social Club was founded in 1946 and occupied rented premises in Queen Street until it moved to its present building which was erected in 1954. The building has undergone many alterations and extensions over the years to cater for the ever growing membership.

Front of the Club

The Club has formed many Sections who specialise in areas of specific sporting and social interest. These sections include :

  • Archery
  • Badminton
  • Bar Games
  • Fitness Suite
  • Keep Fit
  • Squash
  • 50's and 60's Music
  • Country Music
  • Family Night
  • Organ and Drums Saturday Dance
  • Sequence Dancing

Whilst the Club has a great deal of history to look back on, its forward thinking Management Committees are committed to ensuring that the Club looks to the future.